Monday 1 June 2020

The Applications of A.I. in various domains

A lot of us are paranoid about the fact that how A.I. is practically impacting our daily lives including our professional environments. Everyday we are using different applications that are A.I driven, for example : what is the first thing you do in the morning ? you unlock your phone, your cell recognize your face and impressions right. That is A.I ! Even when you are getting bored and wish to listen a song, Alexa came into picture which is again an A.I. application. 

Let me save your time by pointing out some major applications of A.I. below :

1. Healthcare - Industries are applying A.I. to make better and faster diagnosis than humans. A.I. driven applications help doctors forecasting cognitive technologies to unlock vast amount of data and can inform when patients are worsening so that medical help can reach to the patient asap. 

2. Marketing - We all have to agree at some point that a Bot and algorithms work better than humans when it comes to agility and accuracy. A.I. helps in understanding the shopping behaviors of customers like if you use amazon, you must have seen the featured recommendation and previously bought items somewhere around your desired item to be purchased. Well, thanks to A.I. consumers can make wise and quick decisions. 

3. Banking & Finance - For someone who deals in banking and trading is also using Machine Learning applications which deals in detecting patterns and previous trends to speculate the market stock better, detecting anomalies or credit card frauds. 

4. Gaming - Biggest accomplishments of Deep learning have seen in gaming industry so far. The A.I. machines can play strategic games like chess where these machines need to think of a large number of possible places.

5. Social Media - Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat contains billions of user profiles and A.I. manages and stores all the data in a very efficient manner, also helps in analyzing hashtags, different places and trends.

6. Autonomous vehicles - with the help of A.I. driven applications, Self driven cars are revolutionizing the age of automobile innovation and production. Applications such are GPS, cloud servicing are great examples.

7. Education - A.I. can automate grading so that teacher can have more time to teach and a virtual assistant can help students anytime and at any place. 

8. Agriculture - It is the area where resources should be employed in a best way possible, keeping in mind about the sustainability techniques, pattern detection and past trends, A.I. can make it a better world for humans as It will harness the results. 

9. Travel & Transport - Travel industries have been using A.I. powered chat bots which can make human like interaction with the client and offer better and fast responses. 

10. Entertainment - Netflix and Amazon use machine learning to detect different taste preferences with respect to their binge watchable craft and showcase the similar data and patterns to make the search content easily functional. 

Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple are all moving at a great speed to improve A.I. software so that these applications make humans more efficient and better day by day. A.I. promises to garnish a better economy and can make us safer by eliminating human error. Everyday humans are trying to study A.I. as less of Artificial and more of Intelligence. 

The aim has always been harnessing the benefits and minimizing the downsides.  So let's make our lives better with these Neural Networks knowledge by enrolling ourselves into an intensive course of Machine Learning offered by MyShiksha. 

Stay tuned for further updates and links :)





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