Monday 15 June 2020

How SEO is becoming a means to Market Digitally ?

We all are living in the Digital era where we keep on listening to these terms such as SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM etc and SEO being the foremost word in the arena. First things first - what is SEO ? and how does it work for working professionals and entrepreneurs?

Search Engine Optimization is the word which you have probably heard when someone talks about increasing the Traffic on any website ! Or how easy it is for Google to find your website. The basic idea of SEO is to find the best results for your content or your website. You must use the right keywords to get  better and faster results for example if we need the information on Artificial Intelligence, we write related keywords such as A.I. , Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predicting machines, or cheap data science etc.

With the right set of keywords, you will reach a google page with paid and organic searches to find your website. There are certain factors which make your website to be one of the top searches on Google and those would be based on RELEVANCE / USEFULNESS / ACCESSIBILITY / CONTENT/ TRENDS etc.

Now I am sure we know what SEO is . Let's dig into the ways of working on SEO !

1. On Page SEO - This is the simpler way to tell you that you will find everything here, all the indicators or results which you might look for on the page where you landed. And if by any chance you did not get the defined results then no worries ! because the changes needed to be made are in our control. (Bang on moment if you add some supporting keywords in the search title related to the topic which you are in )

2. Off Page SEO - They make sure that other websites are linking back to you or you may call as Back Links. In layman's language we are relying on other people to make sure that our site is worthy of a link unless or until we write a good content.

There is no rocket science if we know how to use proper keywords to land a better and faster results page. I can understand that SEO does take time and believe me it can be a little frustrating as well but if done properly, the results can be massive and can last for months depending what research or topic you are in ! 

Stay tuned for further inputs !



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