Tuesday 30 June 2020

Career scope in Digital Marketing

Many of us enroll ourselves into Digital Marketing courses thinking that may be it will help in Career change, better growth opportunities, better Pay packages, additional technical skills etc. All we need to know is How is it going to help in our Career/ Marketing Jobs/ Salary / Growth and Future. Below are some FAQ's which are generally asked by most of us.

Ques 1. What is the future of Digital Marketing ? 

There are around 500 million users of Internet today. With the growing advancements, excitement and the peer pressure every person wants to come on Internet which seems a pretty good perspective since Everyone will go Digital in some or the other way. Due to campaigns like RURAL INDIA or URBAN INDIA, Digital Marketing is becoming the most commonly used term in every innovator's mindset. 55% of the Indians haven't gone digital yet but soon this percentage will reduce. 

Talking about jobs in Digital Media/Marketing profiles -
Naukri.com  has about 51% of the job openings related to Digital Marketing domain.
LinkedIn has about 58% of the job openings in the same digital domain. It could be any profile related to SEO, SEM, Optimization, Account Management, Client Servicing, Coding, Social Media Management, API's etc. 

The future is vast, the more we get into it, broader will be the horizons for growth opportunities.

Ques 2. What aspect of Digital Marketing should I learn ? 

While pursuing MBA, we need to select our electives in Management, HR, Finance, Marketing etc. Likewise there are 4 types of people needed in Digital Marketing domain :

a) Process Oriented - people who involve in managing SEO, SEM, Optimization stuff where no content synergy is required. These people drive business leads.

b) Creative Oriented - People who write/consume content as their staple meal. They are the visualizers, campaign generators, creative content writers, copywriters etc.

c) Management Oriented - This chunk usually thrive in taking leadership roles where they become the Trend setters, love to innovate and implement ideas, deals in Client Servicing and Account Management with good interpersonal and communication skills.

d) Technology Oriented - These involves the Tech savvy nerds whom we are afraid of at times since they know CODING ! They generate the means to the result of our campaigns and provide the back end and technical support 24*7.

There are plenty of other options in this domain but the major ones are mentioned above, you already you where you are good at, you just needed to hear it from me :)

Ques 3. Should I join the Digital Marketing Agency or a Client Side ? 

If you join a Digital Marketing Agency, you will get a platform to do multiple things which will enhance your creativity, innovating thinking, critical thinking since you are surrounded with the other experienced staff. The job could be challenging but hey ! who doesnt like Challenges ?

If you decide to go for a client side, you would be given budgets, freedom to use the resources with your applied skills and knowledge, scope could be a little narrower. Job would be hassle free but orienting results would be in your hands only. So think and decide for yourself.

Note of Advice - At least spend 10 years in an Agency and take self initiatives by pursuing multiple things in the company since this is the RESULT ORIENTED INDUSTRY. 

Ques 4. what is the Salary one can expect in this domain and how is the growth like in here ?

Majorly your salary will depend on Practical knowledge you possess, city you live in, experience you have, vertical focus you bring on to the table.

Generally SEO, SEM guys get limited pay when compared to Client servicing, Social Media Manager and Account Management jobs. Fresher could expect a salary range from 15K to 20K.
A person with minimum 2 years of experience could expect 25K to 35K and someone who possess 4 years and above of work experience might earn around 50K per month.

In the end, a lot of factors define your growth !

Are you result oriented or process oriented ?

How do you upgrade your skills ?

How multitasking are you ?

Are you able to adapt to the Marketing Innovations and changes ?

Last but not the least, years of experience wont matter if you did not bring RESULTS to the table. 

Document your journey, make your efforts and I am sure they will land you a good job offer in Digital Marketing.

If you have further questions, please check MyShiksha.com for further input.


Wednesday 24 June 2020

How to get started with Social Media Marketing ?

Everyone wants to be on Social Media platforms like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and some of the most popular sites out there in the world but how can we get started with our business over these multi users platforms?

Below are the certain steps to guide you about building a Social Network :

1. Picking the right Social Media Platform to engage with people ! 

You don't want to be on LinkedIn and do a mediocre job neither do you want yourself to be on Fb and perform an average job right? Choose the right platform because it is better not to be on them than to do something usual.  ( USUAL IS BORING )

Here is how you can opt for your platform depending upon your type of business and consumer engagement. 

For B2B - LinkedIn and Twitter are the means to your plan of building a good network.
For B2C - Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and even Snapchat would work for you.

2. Content Type ! 

If you want to create Video Content then I would say You Tube and LinkedIn would make your job easy since the networking is way too fast there if the content seems relevant and useful to your audience.

If you want to share pictures, posters or some basic graphics about your business then go for Facebook and  Instagram. Even Snap chat also works at times

Also keep in mind the type of audience you want to engage with - Older Demographics usually checks Fb and Younger Demographics use Instagram and You Tube.

3. This brings me to discuss the main point which is CONTENT CREATION ! 

No one's gonna follow if you don't have content on your profile. And by saying content, I mean RELEVANT, UNDERSTANDABLE, CREATIVE and USEFUL things you put on your profile. If you are confused about how to write content or what to write about then I am sharing some sites which are the brownie points to hit the right content on your profile.
You can check Buzzsumo.com, Answer the Public, Google Trends, Trello, Binge Keywords Research tool etc. 

On these platforms, you will get to know what are the hot topics or the questions which people are asking on Google. Best of all, you may check  your competitor's site for references ( and not for plagiarism okay :p)

You will get to know how content is doing well for them and then you can talk about the benefits which you would bring to your profile and content.
Having said that, Do not forget to complete your profile on the platform which you have chosen for your network !

4. Building a Connection with people ! 

The whole purpose of Social Media Marketing is Engagement with the public and make your content visible to the eyes of your potential customers. For that, Building a great network is the prerequisite !

Do vouch for your content ideas everywhere even if they think theirs is the best but I am sure you are good enough to mark the difference between the content presented over Media Channels. You can ask your question, answer to your follower's questions to make them believe that you do care !

Thank them for taking out time to even watching your content and appreciating it. Do not go after the numbers, go after the ENGAGEMENTS. Even if you have 100 followers, those would be genuine enough to make your CONTENT GO VIRAL ! 

You always have a choice just make the good one which is an ART itself !

If you have further questions related to SSM, do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below else you may check MyShiksha page for further input.

Happy Learning 


Monday 15 June 2020

How SEO is becoming a means to Market Digitally ?

We all are living in the Digital era where we keep on listening to these terms such as SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM etc and SEO being the foremost word in the arena. First things first - what is SEO ? and how does it work for working professionals and entrepreneurs?

Search Engine Optimization is the word which you have probably heard when someone talks about increasing the Traffic on any website ! Or how easy it is for Google to find your website. The basic idea of SEO is to find the best results for your content or your website. You must use the right keywords to get  better and faster results for example if we need the information on Artificial Intelligence, we write related keywords such as A.I. , Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predicting machines, or cheap data science etc.

With the right set of keywords, you will reach a google page with paid and organic searches to find your website. There are certain factors which make your website to be one of the top searches on Google and those would be based on RELEVANCE / USEFULNESS / ACCESSIBILITY / CONTENT/ TRENDS etc.

Now I am sure we know what SEO is . Let's dig into the ways of working on SEO !

1. On Page SEO - This is the simpler way to tell you that you will find everything here, all the indicators or results which you might look for on the page where you landed. And if by any chance you did not get the defined results then no worries ! because the changes needed to be made are in our control. (Bang on moment if you add some supporting keywords in the search title related to the topic which you are in )

2. Off Page SEO - They make sure that other websites are linking back to you or you may call as Back Links. In layman's language we are relying on other people to make sure that our site is worthy of a link unless or until we write a good content.

There is no rocket science if we know how to use proper keywords to land a better and faster results page. I can understand that SEO does take time and believe me it can be a little frustrating as well but if done properly, the results can be massive and can last for months depending what research or topic you are in ! 

Stay tuned for further inputs !


Wednesday 10 June 2020

What are the Complementary Assets of A.I. ?

Let's just dig into the simple economics of Predicting Machines by starting with the complementary assets of A.I. and we can call as the A.I. Canvas without which A.I. is just about making prediction and helping humans in an efficient way but we all know that A.I. is more than that.

The A.I. Canvas consists of following assets :

Input - Without the oil/fuel, even the cars don't operate on the roads then how would A.I.? For A.I. the well suited input is the Data through which A.I. can predict patterns and make predictions. Also the cost of prediction will fall if the value of Data will increase. ( simple economics) #Win-win

Prediction - We all know  how terrible humans are in making Predictions but they still make because it is inevitable. Fun fact is  if the capability of Machine Prediction increases, the value of Human Prediction will fall as machines can make great predictions after observing the patterns hence, humans are benefited by the faster and cheaper prediction. 

Judgement - Humans give guidance to the A.I. since A.I. do not make judgement, they make predictions which help humans to make the better Judgement.

Action - A.I. do tasks, they don't do workflow ( turning input into an output is workflow ) they are programmed to make better predictions to ease the job of humans and humans take actions with the help of Deep Learning since without Actions, predictions are even worthless.

Outcome - Only after taking an action, we come to know whether it is a wrong outcome or the right one and based on the human judgement about the outcome, A.I. observe and predict the data to make sure that the further outcomes must be the good ones.

Learning - Practice makes the man perfect and learning makes the A.I. perfect. They learn and learn to make good predictions which helps the humans to do the job in an effective and efficient manner. They are not here to replace them but to help them for a better future. 

Feedback - Until or unless we do not receive the feedback on any task performed, we would not be able to rectify our actions for future and keep making the same mistakes. Similar analogy goes with the A.I. They get feedback data and be ready to get programmed for making lesser mistakes in further tasks.

When chances of making prediction falls, the value of all these complementary assets go up ! These assets complement A.I. instead of being the substitutes. 

If I were to state a fact to a question that - If A.I. is just about making predictions then why there is so much fuss about it ?

I would normally say - Prediction is the key input to Decision Making and guys, Decision Making is everywhere ! A.I. is new and Decision theory is old but we are in the age of predicting technology converting into the process of Decision Making. 99% of the companies today are investing in A.I.
They are dealing in mapping the tasks, ranking the data and simultaneously working 24*7 to make use of this cheaper and faster technology.

Google has almost 2000 A.I. tools under development, why ? The company must be witnessing the applications of A.I. in our daily routine and documenting the fact that A.I. can transform the economics by disrupting it and making Humans More Productive !

All we need to do is to keep learning and be open to possibilities coming our way be it a new technology/career/prospect or a machine playing with humans and with his intelligence. :)

I hope by now, MyShiksha has been able to inundate the dynamics of the term A.I. into our reader's world and if not then we will try to learn more and share as much as knowledge and wisdom amongst our students and professionals. 

Happy Learning !


Saturday 6 June 2020

What is the theory behind Predicting Machines ?

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an alien topic for anyone these days and why would it be if it's  kinda intriguing and most importantly it is in the Economic Market right now, Isn't it? Let's not state the obvious fact here because we are in the age of innovation and machines where every day is advancing with dynamic changes in tech. 

A.I. is coming in to replacing the traditional statistical techniques and tools for doing Prediction. If we look at the business side instead of Comp. Science, A.I. is becoming an ART more than a SCIENCE. It means humans are converting non prediction problems into prediction problems to better understand the machines and put more intelligence into them.

Ages ago, scientists have made a statement that we would not have an autonomous car on the road because there were so many If's and we could not control machines in an uncontrollable environment UNTIL Machine Learning guys realized that instead of making so many predictions, how about making only one prediction and that was - What would humans do ? This was the bang on point where we started acknowledging autonomous cars rolling down the streets efficiently because A.I. helped in making good predictions with time and more learning. 

Let's make a comparison between a human brain and Machines's art of predicting in case of driving. 
Imagine a car, you put an human on the driving seat and A.I. on the passenger seat. Human is driving, processing the data in his monkey brain and driving for miles, taking actions ( right or left), applying breaks, accelerating and going straight. There are so many If''s and When's spinning on his mind like If a man comes in front of the car, he needs to stop or if the light is green, he needs to move and so on.

Reversing the situation, If the A.I. is driving with the help of it's sensory inputs such as camera, radars, lights and other programs, there are so many IF'S and very small no. of When's because A.I. is making only one prediction here which is What would humans do if there is a speed breaker, a sign board for no u-turn, or obeying the traffic lights etc. 
A.I. will observe, take action and will make mistakes too but after they see a pattern of how humans are driving, they make sharp patterns & predictions in their minds and update their model accordingly. 

So in the next few drives, A.I. will be observed as more efficient drivers than Humans because we can make mistakes being humans, getting drunk, dizzy and careless while driving but the A.I. will still predict their problems, making lesser no. of mistakes and by that, their confidence window will grow wider. 

Similar observation has been seen in the fields of Translations and HR domains as well where A.I. has converted non predicting problems into predicting problems to make better use of Cheap Prediction and hence, they are coming up with splendid results. 

At the end, you can see A.I.working on solving a prediction problem and with this we all are taking advantage of this better, cheap and faster technology. 

MyShiksha has offered a platform where industry experts are mentoring students in various domains and their career paths so that whichever path they wanna continue with, they will master it first ! Be it A.I., Digital Marketing, Advertising, Finance etc. 

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Thursday 4 June 2020

What would an Economist think of A.I. ?

Have you ever wondered about how A.I. resonates with all the Economists around the world ? I mean what a simple term any economist would use for understanding the term Artificial Intelligence !
Umm, I am sure they would call it as GPT - General Purpose Technology which means it seems to use everywhere, they have hardly seen any market which is not deploying it's applications to the par.

Let me put an economic layer on this Comp. Science term to make it seem clear and practical by marking certain implications validated by the University of Toronto about A.I. :

1. A.I. helps in predicting the medical data and images by diagnosing which tumor is benign or which one is malignant
2. Machine Learning helps in figuring out fraudulent credit card transactions
3. Through A.I driven applications, major drug discoveries have been done since 1995.
4. A.I. helps in predicting the defects in the automobiles before they role out for the production line.

The researchers advocating for the aforesaid pointers believed in A.I. as something unusual technological innovation giving the same underlying technique to offer a material life to wide set of applications.

An economist would always look for a benefit or a rational reason to believe in Deep Learning since they have scrambled up their entire knowledge to jump onto one single conclusion which is - how this intelligence will cut the cost ? (Their signature sentence in every research till now, hence their titles) :)

We all are aware of the fact that how 1995 has marked as a transitional year for the internet 
and same goes parallel with A.I. which changed the economy and the way of interacting. But the economist added by saying that this was the same economy which was still driven by demand and supply but with the reduced cost of communication, research, and tools. 

Having said that, they are looking at A.I. in another perspective and let's find out what changed their mind.
When the cost of something falls, three things happen :

- Downward sloping demand curve, which means we will use more of it.
- we convert things, habits and lifestyles to use this better, faster and cheaper technology as a product.
- we start predicting stats for future needs and desires to make the best use of this cheaper technology around.

Moreover, by evidencing various applications of A.I. used in different fields such as Healthcare, Marketing, Business, Finance, Automobiles etc, they did realize the fact that A.I. was the thing by which the total cost fell ( by optimizing it's applications in their routine) and marked it as a foundational input which is built on HUMANS, an emaculation of HUMANS that mimics their thought process in a better manner. 

All they needed to know was how to Deploy them economically and they finally believed in it !

I know A.I. is becoming the talk of the entire economy right now which is why we are coming up with our another interesting blog about Predicting Machines !  

Stay tuned for further input.

Happy Learning 

Monday 1 June 2020

The Applications of A.I. in various domains

A lot of us are paranoid about the fact that how A.I. is practically impacting our daily lives including our professional environments. Everyday we are using different applications that are A.I driven, for example : what is the first thing you do in the morning ? you unlock your phone, your cell recognize your face and impressions right. That is A.I ! Even when you are getting bored and wish to listen a song, Alexa came into picture which is again an A.I. application. 

Let me save your time by pointing out some major applications of A.I. below :

1. Healthcare - Industries are applying A.I. to make better and faster diagnosis than humans. A.I. driven applications help doctors forecasting cognitive technologies to unlock vast amount of data and can inform when patients are worsening so that medical help can reach to the patient asap. 

2. Marketing - We all have to agree at some point that a Bot and algorithms work better than humans when it comes to agility and accuracy. A.I. helps in understanding the shopping behaviors of customers like if you use amazon, you must have seen the featured recommendation and previously bought items somewhere around your desired item to be purchased. Well, thanks to A.I. consumers can make wise and quick decisions. 

3. Banking & Finance - For someone who deals in banking and trading is also using Machine Learning applications which deals in detecting patterns and previous trends to speculate the market stock better, detecting anomalies or credit card frauds. 

4. Gaming - Biggest accomplishments of Deep learning have seen in gaming industry so far. The A.I. machines can play strategic games like chess where these machines need to think of a large number of possible places.

5. Social Media - Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat contains billions of user profiles and A.I. manages and stores all the data in a very efficient manner, also helps in analyzing hashtags, different places and trends.

6. Autonomous vehicles - with the help of A.I. driven applications, Self driven cars are revolutionizing the age of automobile innovation and production. Applications such are GPS, cloud servicing are great examples.

7. Education - A.I. can automate grading so that teacher can have more time to teach and a virtual assistant can help students anytime and at any place. 

8. Agriculture - It is the area where resources should be employed in a best way possible, keeping in mind about the sustainability techniques, pattern detection and past trends, A.I. can make it a better world for humans as It will harness the results. 

9. Travel & Transport - Travel industries have been using A.I. powered chat bots which can make human like interaction with the client and offer better and fast responses. 

10. Entertainment - Netflix and Amazon use machine learning to detect different taste preferences with respect to their binge watchable craft and showcase the similar data and patterns to make the search content easily functional. 

Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple are all moving at a great speed to improve A.I. software so that these applications make humans more efficient and better day by day. A.I. promises to garnish a better economy and can make us safer by eliminating human error. Everyday humans are trying to study A.I. as less of Artificial and more of Intelligence. 

The aim has always been harnessing the benefits and minimizing the downsides.  So let's make our lives better with these Neural Networks knowledge by enrolling ourselves into an intensive course of Machine Learning offered by MyShiksha. 

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Career scope in Digital Marketing

Many of us enroll ourselves into Digital Marketing courses thinking that may be it will help in Career change, better growth opportunities...