Thursday 28 May 2020

The Mystical Era of A.I.

There have been instances where you have encountered with some of the questions related to A.I. or let's say people ask you What is A.I actually ?

Here is a scene of a dialogue delivery between Sam and his teacher -

Teacher - Hey Sam ! How have you been ?

Sam - Great, just confused about career switch opportunity. You have anything in mind ?

Teacher - Yea, does A.I. ring any bell ? It is the future, telling you.

Sam - Umm, are you talking about those three ladies - Alexa, Siri and my favorite GPS girl who sometimes act like the Goddesses while considering themselves  as super intelligent beings and unfortunately stuck with confused humans?

Teacher ( drifting with a smile ) - Oh yeah ! At least you could relate I am glad !


No worries!  like Sam, no one knew the clear definition of A.I. until they generated some interest in learning about Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.  We know humans learn from their past experiences and machines follow instructions given by humans. But what if humans train the machines to learn from their past data and do what humans can do as much faster. Well, that is called Machine Learning but it's more about understanding and reasoning. 

Below are some of the definitions which a layman can offer -

1. A.I is teaching the machine and the machine becoming smart
2. It is a collaboration of humans and machines to build some digital consciousness
3. A super intelligent being like generalized A.I. that knows all, can do everything, smarter than all of us put together
4. Something related to Computer vision, big data, algorithms and stuff
5. Robotics - Replacement of humans, replicating behaviors, analyzing data and patterns, deep learning, a branch of computer science etc etc.
and some of them who actually paid attention in their lectures at B schools will come up with the  phrases like Supervised Learning and Cognitive Capabilities :)

The above mentioned definitions are more or less correct but they have to be given a right direction towards the great learning of A.I and the groundbreaking work which is being practically impacting our lives and the environment in a way to make everyone's lives better.

There are some common misconceptions about things we thought we understood but probably don't for terms like Computer vision, Machine Learning, Image processing, Human Intelligence and so on. But don't you fret ! MyShiksha has become the platform at which some great mentors and A.I. industry experts carrying the practical experience and knowing the technicalities of the domain itself are offering online training to back you up with immense knowledge.

By enrolling yourself into this special online program ( Introduction to A.I. ) I am sure several terms and the logic behind A.I will be completely unpacked to help us feel like we know what we're doing. Kinda :)
The particular link of the course will be published on the site very soon.

Well, Sam is ready to get himself enrolled. What are you waiting for ?

Happy Learning !


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